6 MMO Christmas Miracles

Ah Christmas, the most magical time of the year! Gifts are exchanged, families reunited, and unrealistic goals set for the coming year. With all the traveling and festivities it’s easy to forget the original religious meaning behind the now secular holiday.

The real cause for celebration on Christmas is the birth of the prophet Jesus, top dog of the Christian faith. You might not think there’s much in common between Jesus and free to play MMOs and MMORPGs, but you would be wrong! Among his many miracles, perhaps the most famous is his resurrection after three days. A tough feat to pull off for a mere human, but not so for an MMO or MMORPG! To celebrate Christmas in our own special way, let’s run through 6 MMO titles that, like Jesus, died only to be resurrected.



Originally released as Hellgate: London by Flagship studios, the Diablo inspired hack & slash MMORPG soon ran into financial trouble. The B2P (buy to play) model and repetitive nature of the game made it a difficult sell in an oversaturated market. Luckily, HanbitSoft picked up the rights to the game and it was eventually resurrected as Hellgate London: Resurrection. Publisher T3 Fun brought the game to America as a free to play game under the shorter title Hellgate. Continue reading