Revelation Online’s Early Game Sucks

Having played both phase 1 and phase 2 of Revelation Online‘s closed beta tests I think it’s time for me to share some of my feelings about the game. This is by no means a full review for Revelation Online, but rather a quick overview of my thoughts. First of all, I really like the game’s graphics – not so much its sharpness, as games like Black Desert Online and Moonlight Blade both look way nicer, but I really like the open world persistence of the game. It feels like a lot of modern MMORPGs gave up on having a seemlesss open world. Even great games like Final Fantasy XIV and Blade and Soul don’t have expansive worlds. Instead, everything is gated in smaller zones. I’m glad to see some Chinese MMORPGs go back to the wide open worlds that MMOs became famous for. Prior to BDO and Revelation, I remember this style being a big part of Lineage 2. (Even Lineage 2: Revolution, the mobile MMORPG, has an open world!)


Outside of the wide open world element of Revelation Online, the game doesn’t really offer much of anything – at least early on. Character creation isn’t anything to write home about, the game is poorly localized, and the questing is unbelievably boring. I get that the early part of most MMORPGs aren’t fun, but the early bits of Revelation Online are painfully boring. The quests pose no challenge and have you running from quest npc to quest npc. The sheer pace of progression is almost jarring, as no more than 10 seconds is spent on any one quest. Fast questing is one thing, but just zipping by so much content is a jarring experience. Old MMORPGs like Darkeden and Rohan Online are are often critized for being too slow, but Revelation takes it to the other end of the spectrum. I don’t even mind MMOs with super fast experience if it’s done right. I mean RF Online has an insanely fast leveling curve, but the progression isn’t a jarring experience.


Combat also feels a bit janky. Revelation Online feels a bit like Riders of Icarus from Nexon. It’s not quite action oriented and its not pure tab targeted either., the game’s publisher, touts this sytem, but from my experience games that try to do a bit of both end up sucking at both. I’d rather the combat be either pure action oriented (a la Tera/BnS) or just stick with tab targeting. Another thing that annoys me about Revelation is the interface. The game has too many menus and tabs. It tries to add depth by throwing in a bunch of needless menus and tabs, but it just ends up being confusing. Whatever happened to a detailed skill tree and a stat system? That’s all we really need.

The end game for Revelation may be great, but I likely will never get there. If you want a game like Revelation that is in my opinion way better, check out Moonlight Blade from Tencent. You’ll need to buy a QQ account to play it, but luckily no VPN is needed. Moonlight Blade is also way more popular that Revelation in its home market of China, so that should tell you something. On that note, a lot of foreign games are actually really solid. If you never played Closers Online or MS2, I recommend checking them out. You’ll need a Korean Nexon Account though (no vpn needed).


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