Oddball MMOs

With the hundreds of MMOs out there including mainstream titles like The Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft there are quite a few oddball games out there too. Games most people probably never heard of. One such title is Areeb World from Remal IT, a Middle Eastern technology conglomerate. Most of MMORPGs nowadays are developed in South Korea or China with a few titles hailing from Japan, but Areeb World is from Saudi Arabia. I personally haven’t played Areeb World yet and probably never will because of its business model. The game is buy to play and costs a cool $54.99 on Steam. I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to shell out $54.99 for an oddball game that looks like a mix between Spirit Tales and Dragon Oath, which for those that don’t know are two really old sub-par games. The explosive growth of free to play MMOs has reshaped the entire industry. Nowadays, only the premium franchises (think Final Fantasy XIV and The Elder Scrolls Online) can get away with charging money these days.


Another oddball MMORPG is Maestia from Aeria Games. Its an older fantasy MMORPG that launched in North America in mid 2012. I consider it an oddball because ever since it launched it never had a large playerbase, but yet it continues to exist. Aeria Games publishes numerous popular titles like Dragomon Hunter and Shaiya, but Maestia has no real reason to exist. Not only way it never popular, but it was also extremely generic. I played Maestia when it was launched and even went back to check it out recently and nothing has changed. I can’t fathom how this game continues to survive with such a low playerbase.


Some old MMORPGs like Seal Online manage to survive because they can maintain a steady playerbase while other games like Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds from KRU Interactive can live off nostalgia. Regardless, there’s no place in the market for dead MMOs like Maestia.

The MMO world is riddled with countless oddball MMOs that have seemingly no market share but manage to survive. Browser based games like Rodinia War and Aberoth are two additional examples of oddball titles. Surprisingly, most Chinese developed browser games don’t suffer from a lack of players. Many of them are oddballs but the games published by R2 Games and GTArcade may not be unique, but they’re popular. If you’re looking for a few weird games to try, give some of these games a try! Probably not Areeb World, because you’ll have to pony up $55 for it, but the rest are free to play.

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