Old MMORPGs Are Still Successful

Older MMORPGs like 9Dragons and Divine Souls are still surprisingly around despite their age. These games launched years ago, but can still be played today, even while newer MMORPGs shut down and close their doors forever. Poor ol’ Infinite Crisis is shutting down less than a year after its launch, but 9Dragons is still alive and kicking since its 2007 release. It’s not particularly successful, but it’s still playable whereas many MMOs aren’t.

What’s even more interesting is that old MMORPGs like Knight Online and Lineage 2 2 are not only still around, but still extremely popular, despite both games being over 10 years old. How is it that beautiful looking newer MMOs like Dragon’s Prophet and Heroes and Generals barely have any players online while these old games continue to thrive? I think the reason many of these newer games don’t succeed is because they have an incredible amount of competition. Almost every other week a major new game launches to try and capture a portion of the free to play market. Older games on the other hand live and thrive off of hardcore players which have been with the game for years. They also run strongly on an extremely potent fuel called Nostalgia. Think about it. How often do you go back to something just because of Nostalgia? I know I’m guilty of this. I’ve went back to play MapleStory and and Diablo 2 on countless occasions.

So what makes people keep coming back to these games besides Nostalgia? They usually have one defining feature that’s done extremely well. With Knight Online it’s the game’s PvP. With Ultima Online it’s the open world PvP / player housing systems. I think the main reason Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies on Steam is popular is because it’s built on the old Counter-Strike 1.6 game engine. A game many people around the world are Nostalgic about. Plus, the zombie mode is definitely unique and adds flavor to the game.


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