Victory Command – Quick MOBA Review

I recently downloaded and play a new MOBA called Victory Command from Petroglyph Games. For those that never heard of it, it’s a 3D military themed tactical MOBA that actually plays more like an RTS than a traditional MOBA. The game launched on Steam early access on May 27, 2015 and its trying to disrupt the MOBA market. Unlike games traditional MOBAs like Dota 2, Victory Command doesn’t really have any RPG elements. Instead, the game gives players control of multiple units on the battlefield.

Victory Command Gameplay Screenshot

Before the start of each round, players select one of 3 unit types (recon, tanks, and infantry). When the game begins, players have a squad of units of their select type and must capture objectives in a 5v5 map. Whichever team reaches a certain number of points first wins. Having recently just played Strife, Victory Command was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise uninspiring genre. The game is fun because there’s a lot of micro management involved. I played as infantry and had 12 rocket units, each of which can be controlled individually. Losing a unit should be avoided at all costs, as units don’t respawn. Knowing when to retreat back to base to heal is crucial to winning. Players also get a few special abilities which have long cooldowns, a bit like Summoner Spells from League of Legends. These special abilities play only a minimal role in Victory Command, as they can be used to quickly retreat back to base (teleport) or to drop an invisible recon unit (ward).

League of Legends Gameplay


After playing a couple of rounds, I can safely say Victory Command is unique in the MOBA universe. I played other “new” MOBAs like Games of Glory and Dragons and Titans, but they offer little innovation. My only real complaint with Victory Command is that it’s a bit too “rocks paper scissors”, meaning units counter eachother in such a strong way, that the outcome of the match is often determined by what units each team picked.

Still, if you’re looking for a new MOBA to try, Victory Command is definitely worth checking out. If you’d rather play something more.. “standard”, then Strife from S2 is another good one. Amazing how far MOBAs have come since the first MOBA launched on Starcraft back in 1999 (called Aeon of Strife). Victory Command just launched on May 27, 2015, so time will tell if it succeeds or not. I sure hope it does.


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