MMOs I’m Looking Forward to Reviewing

I’ve played a lot of free to play MMOs and MMORPGs over the years from the good to the bad. I’ve lately been playing an odd game called Uncharted Waters Online from Netmarble. I say “odd” because Uncharted Waters is one of the few Japanese developed MMORPGs out there. It’s also not super popular in the West. The game has had a lot more success in China and its home country of Japan, where’s its available as a console MMORPG. I like to play oddball games. I guess it’s what makes me the special snowflake that I am. I’m looking forward to a few oddball games that should be coming out in the next year or so.

Uncharted Waters Online

Uncharted Waters Online Screenshot

One of those games is The Repopulation, which actually reminds me of an older game called “Face of Mankind”. It’s supposed to be an open ended sandbox MMORPG. That term “Sandbox” has been tossed around a lot lately, and games like Trove from Trion Worlds seem to use it incorrectly. I like Trove, but it’s not exactly a Sandbox MMORPG. Yes, it’s open ended to a degree, but it’s not “sandbox” the same way Minecraft is. But anyway, no need to digress. If you played Face  of Mankind before, you want to look into The Repopulation from Above and Beyond Technologies.

Peria Chronicles is another oddball game I want to play and review, but unfortunately its release was either pushed back or the game as a whole was cancelled. I read somewhere that Nexon removed the game from its 2015 lineup, so I hope it’s not cancelled or anything. The cel-shaded graphics and bright world remind me of Mabinogi for some reason, except with much better graphics. Mabinogi is an awesome game, so seeing another open ended anime MMORPG do well would be great. The cool part of Peria Chronicles is its user generated maps and quests. Sound familiar? Reminds me of the Foundry in Neverwinter. But user generated maps in an MMO is an awesome feature. Since we’re talking about Sandbox MMORPGs still, Tree of Life from OddOne games looks great too. If you haven’t seen its original crowd funding video, look it up, because it’s awesome. It features a bunch of Koreans punching trees. Not even kidding.

Tree of Life Tree of Life Screenshot

A not so unusual game I’m also looking forward to is Astral Realm. It’s a sleek looking anime MMORPG from X-Legend Entertainment. Yes, the same X-Legend behind Eden Eternal and several other anime inspired games. What’s the deal with X-Legend anyway? All of their games look very VERY similar. I guess they took the ol’ Chinese saying “Polishing the Jade” to heart. They keep re-releasing MMOs with the same art style over and over again, except with more polished visuals.

So yeah. Those are the games on my radar. Some of them may not come out this year, but hopefully they all get released within the next couple of years. I’m also excited for Blade & Soul to finally launch in the U.S. It actually got officially announced just recently, so it’s definitely ACTUALLY coming out. Hopefully it’s not too late, because NCSoft already waited over 2 years to bring it here.


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