Neverwinter First Glance Review

If you played at least a few PC RPGs in your life, then the name Neverwinter Nights surely rings a bell. This is one of the most impressive Dungeons and Dragons based games, so the thought of being able to play a game like it online should peak some interest. Neverwinter Online, or simply put Neverwinter, is a game that tries to continue the legacy of a very impressive series and take it to a whole new level, by allowing multiple people to participate. It isn’t the first D&D themed MMO though, Dungeons and Dragons Online has been available from Turbine for a while, the same company who made Lord of the Rings Online.


Neverwinter’s story is focused mostly on the good vs bad idea, where you join the good forces as they try to kill the hellish forces that are invading the land. The story is fun on its own, but the main focus here are the missions on its own, as well as the side quests which are really nice to begin with and who you will enjoy for sure. The player made missions are a nice touch too, through the game’s foundry – similar to the Star Trek Online foundry from Arc Games.


Thanks to the numerous quests you can find here, exploring the game world is fun, and at the same time there are so many things happening that you rarely find the time to breathe and enjoy the astounding scenery that the developers have created. Yes, there are lots of unique locations scattered throughout Neverwinter, and all of them are varied, from icy mountains to deserts, vibrant towns filled with life or regions with molten lava. Popular places from the Forgotten Realms game world are prominently featured too – like Baulder’s Gate.

The best part about it however is that each one of these regions is integrated in a very interesting way into the story, something that does manage to add a lot of variety into the mix. Moreover, the multitude of locations brings lasting value, and you will truly enjoy that.

Combat in Neverwinter is similar to the one in an RPG, where you use your mouse to attack or block, but at the same time your character can also acquire numerous skills as you level up, skills that you will surely use in battle at all times. Thankfully, with more than 7 classes and 9 races to choose from, you have many choices to make when it comes to what your character will be, how will it look like and how will it battle enemies. One drawback here is that some of the races have to be purchased with cash to play. Overall, I found combat to be similar to the one encountered in other Dungeons and Dragons games, with mages having impressive spells, archers taking their enemies from afar and the tank going right into the middle of the action. Neverwinter’s combat inclines the title towards being an action packed MMO, something that many people do want in today’s MMO environment. The action based combat is similar to games like Elsword Online and RaiderZ – where each attack has to be individually aimed.

Neverwinter even manages to implement a good set of social features. You can create guilds and engage in PVP, but at the same time you can also create a party and engage in PVE. You also have chat features and a variety of other impressive stuff that successfully manages to add up into a very impressive, exciting package that you will appreciate.

Graphics and sounds

From a graphical standpoint, Neverwinter is very good, and the best part about it is surely the fact that some of the updates that the game receives regularly also provide many new textures and graphics improvements. The game world is varied and very good looking, but the thing I like the most is the stellar character design which, combined with the fluid animations enriches the experience. Music and voice acting are very good at all times, which is great! The only other game to feature good voice acting was Star Wars The Old Republic.


Neverwinter doesn’t require a very powerful computer, so most of the time it will run in a decent fashion, no matter how much power your rig has. However, I did encounter issues such as stuttering, lag and sometimes my character was unable to move/attack. These are rare thankfully, but such issues are there and they do appear from time to time. Aside from that, the game experience was solid. These lag spikes/crashes were much more frequent back during open beta but have subsided considerably since.


Despite the fact that it has a few issues, pretty much like any other MMO out there, the reality is that Neverwinter is a diamond in the rough. The game was good even when launched a few years ago, but right now it seems that Neverwinter has evolved into some of the best MMORPG titles out there. With a good leveling system, lots of quests and a rewarding gameplay, Neverwinter manages to attract the attention of many gamers all over the world, and I recommend you to check it out, you’ll like it for sure! The story driven gameplay is a breath of fresh air in the rather stale universe of MMOs. Beats playing generic games like Lineage 2 and Asda 2.


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